Sunday, May 27, 2012

The resurrection

And then ... almost 7 months later ... I resurfaced. 
Several things had changed in my world. Nearest to my heart was that my baby had turned into a little boy.

 ... who had learned how to draw smiley faces ...
 ... and developed an obsession with cars that borders on the clinical (we'll delve into this later).
His hair had also turned into the most beautiful hair that any human has ever had. I'm sure there's a psychological term for coveting something that you yourself created.
 Also, my darling husband had lost nearly 30 pounds. SlimFast testimonial pending.
 And then he had parted ways with his beard after 2 years of loyal companionship.

 As a family we had become the proud owners of a 2004 BMW 325i sport wagon in alpine white, and I had discovered, for the first time in my life, the ecstasy that can indeed exist behind the wheel of a fine automobile.

We had enjoyed many adventures. Too many to explore here.

 Including, just last weekend, a solar eclipse over the Pacific Ocean.

And apparently, I had also done gone and got myself pregnant.
Right around Dec. 9, 2012, our merry little band will be joined by another, and Jethro's got all his money on a girl. 



  1. Yea! Pictures of your adorable family.

  2. Hooray! I love it! Congrats!

  3. Welcome back to blogger land and congrats on the new addition!! That explains the gigantic grin on your mom's face!!

  4. Dear JEM,

    You have a beautiful family, Congratulations!

    Just one observation, the BMW image you are using in your blog is my property and I would really appreciate it if you remove it from your blog. I have full ownership of the image and again, it would be lovely if you remove it.

    Thank you very much.