Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This has to up my coolness by at least 3 percent

OK, so normally the celebrity Mormon thing really doesn't mean anything to me, and usually I think the obsession with it makes us look a little needy. That said, I'm totally geeking out about this "I'm a Mormon" that my dad told me about, which probably means I'm the last person on Earth to see it.

My other Brandon Flowers connections:
— He's in the same ward as my college roommate (hi, Chelsea).
— He graduated from Jake's high school, but they missed each other by one year.
— I've liked the Killers for a long time.
— I've driven by Sam's Town on a number of occasions.

So pretty much, we're, like, best friends. He'll call me for a jam session any day now. I'm just sure of it.



  1. Ben was really excited about this too...

  2. If Jakes has his Senior yearbook, Brandon Flowers is in there as a Senior. I'm Emily Ficklin in it, and Brandon is in the same row as me. I love this video. He seems like a sweet husband and dad.

  3. When he comes over to do his hometeaching, oh yeah, he's our hometeacher, I'll make sure I have one of your cds playing gently in the back ground.

  4. i think chelsea has us all beat with the hometeacher comment.

  5. You need to come visit us next time you're in Vegas!